Watch This

Testimonies of victims of Psychotronic (mind/body control) weapons before the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical issues in USA in 2011

[ENG sub] STOPZET na konferencji w Sali Kolumnowej Sejmu RP – Zofia Filipiak – 25.06.2016

1996 CIA hearings testimony about Project MKUltra

W związku z  tematem Kontroli Umysłu i Elektromagnetycznych Tortur w Polsce i na świecie, o czym wspomniał także szef MON-u , zachęcamy Państwa do śledzenia tematu, komentowania i stawiania niewygodnych pytań rządzącym. Bowiem najnowsze technologie są dla nas dzisiaj wszystkich olbrzymim zagrożeniem, zagrażają naszej wolności, mogą zdalnie wpływać na system nerwowy człowieka i całkowicie nim sterować, wpływać na podejmowane decyzje. Potrafią już od dawna wpływać na fizjologie, emocje i procesy kognitywne



2 thoughts on “Watch This”

  1. I want to meet other victims and ewa pawela. I can try to. Fly to poland before the truth conference with magnus olsson and Madlen. Is anyone from poland group going to this conference? I am being remote controlled monitored tortured. They have been using the directed energy weapons on my family members. Everything had changed over 5 years. Holidays ruined. When we see each other we are monitored from inside our brains speech eyes we can’t relax and be ourselves. They induce their ideas for is trying to make decisions for us, they make me say tins to my family that I don’t say or have to say. I miss what my family was before the treble controlling of us. Enduring is mechanical artificial we suffer daily.My mother tries to be positive and my brother, but I a desensitized from many things , and don’t care or have to care. They try to force me to feel in ways I don’t. They do thitis for hours. I have no privacy, If I have s thought, they have a cop siren, ambulance firemen siren go off near me for intimidation as if I’m not asked to have my real true feelings that I was born with! They make my voice change and modulate they force speech manipulate hands eyes. A layer of some kind of lines energy moves fast in my eyes. They see thru my eyes. They ctrl my hands to hurt me. They have made burn sores streaks welts on arms hands feet legs and also do this at a beach area. They also had a plane fly above me after I was hit with red streaks going siren my legs and crawling itching unbearable sensations making me leave the drink chemicals chemtrails parled aircraft near me every night and at hotels.

    • Samuel Ludwick said:

      Dear Kelly,

      My name is Samuel Ludwick and I just saw your story on the PACTS International website. The same thing is happening to me in Florida. I have had scans done and they found Ten Signals going into me. I have an Industrial Toxicologist, Private Investigator, and Legal Counsel working on my case, but it is a very slow process. I pray that the International Courts will help People like us who are being attacked by these Terrorists. I will Pray for you.


      Samuel Ludwick

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