Nithyanandam! Once again I’m happy to introduce some of my dear friends who are also members of the Nithyananda Sanyas Sampradaya, living life in blissful quest for enlightenment, and sharing that with the world. Recently, when I went Live on Facebook with some of my brother and sister Nithyananda disciples, a few people commented saying we seem blissful and excited, but what’s the big deal about Swamiji? Here it is! If you’re ready to say goodbye to the Maya Matrix and come live in Kailash, you’re welcome to jump in October 15th for a program called Sadashivatva, which is a 21 day experiential program equal to Inner Awakening JUST for those who choose to spend life as full time residential volunteers here. If you feel so called, you can even take kavi from Swamiji and live as a sanyasi, like us!!!