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Nasi koledzy z USA robią postępy. Derrick Robinson umieścił w swoim newsletterze informację o postępach jaki robią TI współpracujący z prywatnym detektywem Edwardem Leszynkim.
Udało im się namierzyć i postawić przed sądem 9 prześladowców i oskarżyć ich o prześladowanie.

Inna pani detektyw i specjalista od skanowań TI’ów Dr. Staninger, także wsparła czterech targetów, którzy starają się o odszkodowania od swoich prześladowców w wysokości milionów dolarów!

Zaczyna się dziać. Coraz więcej dobrych ludzi nas wspiera.

Poniżej oryginalna wiadomość z newslettera:

This week I decided to follow-up with the private investigator we had at our call recently, Edward Leszynski, and he says that things are going well. He reports that 99% of interactions with TI’s have been positive, which I thought was great for our community. There were a couple instances of miscommunication and non-payment, which could hamper our progress with him if a lot of that were to continue.
He further related that so far, he has successfully prosecuted nine individuals who were charged with stalking his clients. Penalties vary from state to state, however all fifty states, the District of Columbia and US Territories have stalking laws.
And in following up with TI’s, most interactions have been encouraging and in some instances Edward expressed the possibility of catching the perpetrator. Obviously, for someone victimized with electronic attacks this is welcome news.
Therefore, we have now learned that there are already laws on the books with which perpetrators can be charged if or when caught and that our private investigator has the capablility and experience of facilitating the means for their apprehension. He even related one of these incidents during our interview with him on February 6. It would be great if something like this were to happen for every TI in this community!
I have also been informed that Dr. Staninger claims that she has had four clients recently to settle out of court with their perpetrators for millions of dollars!
So guys, we are now seeing that the tide is beginning to turn in our favor and that hopefully soon we will start to experience the much-anticipated liberation of more and more TI’s!

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