Breaking News !! More C.I.A.,N.S.A. Nazi Vril satanic Darpa body brain mapping micro chip battery tech exposed and put into the public domain .Hey does any one want to know about the N.W.O. all seeing eye technology and why they worship the chess looking checked floor . First of all you must know the head players of the game . Listen up intel people . Demon Set was king and key maker .Demon Lilith was gate keeper for humanity . The all seeing eye of there loser lord has a alga rhythm called Poke . Poke is the program that pokes into the visual cortex . It is built with nano particle chem trail tech . Poke is used for spying on you and your thoughts and in coordination with synthetic telepathy and mind control devices . Poke is the most vital spy ware to the N.W.O. Nazi Free masonic satanic cult . With out it they have no way to control you with mind control and steal what you think ext . Poke nano tech is built under your skin after breathing in nano tech and it is located at the center of the back of the head .When they try to get you back under mind control To reboot Sets key sets they use Reboot Set , Fix ( that is a system break command ) patch re patch ( to patch and reset back to were they want your memory ext ) This is also used to implant false memories or to block memories .This is called false memory syndrome and heavily used by Nazi war criminals and the C.I.A. . This is the core base to Echelon and Tempest spy soft ware and poke is also used to record thought and assassin operation in real time visual threw the visual cortex with coordination with mirror imaging and programs like Brain gate . They use this with micro waves ,cell phones ,Tv , Film ,Music ext for single or mass brain washing and mind control .This is to rebuild the image being projected into a real time video so a computer can read it . Your thieving game is over satanic Nazi scum. CHECKMATE .

One more big secret to put out to let these scum know they are done . Andy Pero is up and doing his thing and his mind control is done and he is even better than before and so is the Marble MANSION ASSASSIN from Spring Branch . These two assassins alone killed so many Nazi scum most of them if not all are clones . The clones need GMO to live and to bread with us . Now wonder Obama passed the Monsanto protection to protect the clones foods that is poison to us . This is mass genocide and attempt to build a super human clone race . Gmo kills normal people and that is a fact the world knows but America keeps forcing it into our grocery stores .