Poisoned And Framed By Doubleclick And Mrs Dash The Walmart Serial Killers!

If you get targeted by a local police/sheriff sting operation then here is what you can expect to happen!

Sting operatives will take over the surrounding area surrounding your home.apartment in order to CONTROL the area for their operations and to surround you with operatives that can testify against you in court because of how near they are to you as neighbors!

They will recruit your wife/spouse into an affair, cops/sheriff’s ARE WOMANIZERS and have no qualms turning your family against you behind your back!

If your wife cheats on you with a sting operative then she now is guilty of criminal conspiracy, and since she is cheating on you with the STING OPERATIVES you can bet she will help them to frame you and to set you up!

They will use slander tactics defaming you behind your back in order to gain support from others to lie for them…

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