Our next London TI protest which will be part of an international series of protests launched by our fellow activists in the US, International TI City Hall Protest on Tuesday August 30th, pics of this protest and associated protests from all over the world to be published on this event page, after the event people from all over the world are welcome to contribute their pics
Afterwards we are going to have a little social in a cafe etc.
Particularly in the last 12 months our London events in terms of having something going almost every week and in terms of the number of people attending have been at the forefront of TI activism worldwide, I was told that a recent TI protest in Warsaw was inspired by people seeing pics of our Parliament Square vigils etc., SO LETS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
Plenty of things to look forward to, including having a protest with placards etc. in the middle of College Green media scrum in front of the House of Parliament when MPs are going to be back from the Summer recess on Wednesday September 7th.
That is going to make waves and ruffle a lot of feathers not least amongst the MSM presstitutes on the Green but I don’t think there is any law or bylaw preventing us from doing this.
Finally Pewsey Bases TI Conference went well with myself, Kieron Lee Perrin and Leo Alexander Angesleva from Eucach speaking, I will post videos when they become available it may take a little while though