The World Coalition Against Covert Harassment (WORLD CACH) and STOPZET – Stop Organized Electronic Tortures, the Polish association for victims of mind control, cordially invite you to a meeting with Mr. Magnus Olsson, president of WORLD CACH, and his coworkers from the US, Belgium and the UK. The meeting will be devoted to the threats and ethical dilemmas posed in modern society by the growing role of electronics and cybernetics in our lives. WORLD CACH is a non-profit organization aiming to draw the attention of the ruling politicians and the ones they rule, about the issue of secretive experiments using the latest technologies for remote control of the physiology and the human psyche, and proposing clear legal standards governing the use of these. The First Coalition Against Covert Harassment was formed as an alternative opinion-forming circles response for the crimes of illegal biochemical and military experiments committed against the citizens of the European Union community. Globally, WORLD CACH strives for an immediate and absolute ban on the production and use of all types of weapons that can be used to manipulate the behavior of human individuals and entire populations. It conducts information campaigns for the general public; thanks to a committee of advisers, which includes international professionals: doctors, lawyers, scientists, WORLD CACH develops expertise for various institutions and decision-makers, it also unites Targeted Individuals (TIs) who are the victims of the latest generation of neural weapons experiments. STOPZET Association connects people who have recognized in themselves, among their relatives and in their close surroundings, symptoms and physical phenomena indicating the use of remote electronic means against them. Everything indicates that many of our members have been permanently connected, via satellite, to brain-computer interfaces, and that we are guinea pigs in secret research programs conducted in our country and also abroad (Polish immigrants) by our scientists under the aegis of NATO and EU Special Services. The common creed of our two organizations is the equality of all people and the integrity of our right to privacy and dignity. With full determination, we oppose any abuse in this area. We stand by the side of the victims and, above all, we try to prevent the implementation of the
trans-humanism agenda and plans on robotisation of the human race. Mr. Magnus Olsson is the most recognizable TI in the world, the founder and icon of the whole civil movement fighting against total mind control. On April 23rd during the second Conference of the Project Earth in Warsaw, Magnus Olsson will conduct a lecture about electronic surveillance and harassment of individuals, who are tracked using sophisticated technology. The meeting with Magnus Olsson, Polish TIs and TIs from other countries will take place:
April 23rd, 2016 (Saturday), 8 pm – 9.30 pm Warsaw, Dom Literatury, 87/89 Krakowskie Przedmieście Street Free entrance