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Identyczna historia jak moja.
I have the same experiences with dentists. Micheal Respect…

Michael Aebi…..24/7 under bestialic torture by the Swiss Governement in Trinidad and Tobago


As i was ca.17 Years old i had a Rootinfection on my upper Frontteeth and my sister recomended a Dentist ,a Friend of here Dr.dent.Kue in Schaffhausen (our Hometown).he desidet the tooth cant be saved and has to be replaced….the treatment was somewhat strange and i was happy to complete the sessions and get out after paying a unbelivible SFR.2400.–….
Today i belive that there was the first Implant planted in my Body…..


Years later ,i was living in the Town of Zuerich (i was ca.29 Years old) while i tried to bite of the Insulation of a Loudspeekercable a Teeth broke off and quickly somone recommendet a Dentist…good and cheap….The Dentist (i learned later,lived in the same Village (Regensberg then a Cousin of me) replaced my tooth in again uncomfortable and strange sessions……The cost a unbeliveabel 3000,–SFR……
Today i know that there was placed a second Implant in my Body.