Other signs of organized stalking are people in neighboring houses or businesses who come out and make loud noises strictly for the sake of making noise (walking out of the house and banging two metal pipes together, for example, or turning off and on a mower, chain saw, blower, heavy equipment, backup beeping warning noises, or even first responder sirens or fake bird noises!) repeatedly for short periods of time, particularly when victims step outside.

A particularly import_ant sign of organized stalking is seeing unauthorized persons coming and going from a house or business when you know the inhabitants are away. These stalkers will often be (or claim to be) legitimate repair persons of various kinds and will even have marked vehicles, but they will be installing illegal surveillance equipment, moving items around inside (to make victims think they’re going crazy or just to let them know their property is not secure), or placing various toxins in places where victims will be likely to come in contact with them (food, water bottles, hair care products, cosmetics, and air ducts are favorite locations for this).

Especially ominous signs of organized stalking are seeing construction crews at a house when the inhabitants aren’t there (so they can seal illegal equipment inside walls, ceilings, built-ins, etc.) and seeing people trespassing on the property of others repeatedly. Often the trespassers will be entering victims’ homes even when they are occupied, since the stalkers usually know exactly where their victims are and what they are doing all the time because of the extensive illegal surveillance. Organized stalkers have a particular fondness for the roofs, basements, and garages of their victims, because these afford easy access through attics, sky lights, or less-used doorways.

If you had been following me around recently and knew what to look for, you would have had little trouble discerning that I am a victim of organized stalking. As I left for work (at an unusual time) yesterday, a woman dressed in a strange way (so I’d notice her) was standing in front of our house; after I took her picture with my camera phone, she ran onto my property and hid in some bushes. As I drove along the freeway, numerous vehicles entered and turned their lights on as I passed them. As I left for home that evening, a man in a small red car with Texas plate CXP7-X231 turned turned his headlights on and began tailgating me without passing. Eventually, he left, but his place behind me was taken by a succession of other vehicles with their lights on that were immediately switched off when they suddenly passed me after several miles. Farther along, I became stuck for several miles behind large truck with “ENGLAND” on the sides that was driven by a thin Caucasian man with long dark hair and glasses at a speed that was over 20 mph slower than the rest of the traffic was going. When I was finally able to get around this truck, its lights came on, and it left at the next exit. I got home in time to see strange people running up my driveway and on up to houses on the hill above us.

Very early this morning as I left for work, a vehicle identical to one owned by my ex-husband was waiting around the corner; as I passed by, it suddenly accelerated, went speeding by me, and blatantly ran a red light before tearing off. Tonight, it was a dark gray car with Texas plate BW3-X099 that began tailgating me with its lights on as soon as I left work and refused to pass me for quite some time despite having many opportunities to do so. Later, I was passed by a vehicle bearing a Texas custom license plate the read “CM 4 U”.

Call the police, you say? Law enforcement won’t do anything (and is usually actively involved in the stalking). Of course all this is illegal, but even the U.S. DOJ turns a blind eye. If that doesn’t bother you, it should, because unchecked organized stalking is spreading like the plague.