Opis tego co spotyka kolejnego Targeta. W każdym kraju wygląda to podobnie… Wiele z tego co opisuje Mark spotyka również mnie.

Over the years I’ve shown you a part of the system that is used to covertly beat individuals into submission. What follows is a summary of tactics that have been used against me.

You are placed under 24/7 active surveillance.
You are electronically isolated from society, support, friends, & family.
They attack you with directed-energy weapons (DEW), psychological operations (PsyOp), audible noise, & computer network operations (CNO).
They injure you with a medical condition.
You are denied genuine medical treatment.
Financial impoverishment is arranged by keeping you unemployed.
Your personal items are stolen & destroyed.
Prices are raised on items that you purchase. These products are also removed from store shelves.
Your bank account is tampered with.
Fraudulent collection agency claims are used against you.
Any type of electronic transaction in public is interfered with. This includes ATMs, ticket dispensers, self checkout machines, credit card purchases, etc.
As part of CNO, internet access is unreliable, data files are altered, programs & operating systems are corrupted, internet sites are spoofed, & your computers are damaged & stolen.
You are poisoned.
The citizens who live & work in system comprise their security force that is used control the streets.
These citizens “accidentally” physically hit you.
They will deliberately punch & kick you in public. Some have thrown rocks at me.
These citizens will frame you.
Dogs are regularly used to annoy you in public.
Your dwellings are infested with rodents & insects.
Your vehicles are damaged.
Interference with the public transportation system includes: interruption of service, delays, malfunctioning ticket dispensing machines, & ticket rejection at electronic gates.
The construction projects, which appear in commonly used routes & places, are used to impede your movement & attack you with noise. They are also used to kick you out of an area by completely blocking it (area denial).
Every phase of book publishing is sabotaged.
Opportunities that would normally be available to you are denied.
They keep you homeless.
You are kicked out of public places & stores.

All of these methods are used in combination. Their media, their legal system, their elected officials, their NGOs, & their medical system, provide cover for this.